Financial advice and financial planning in Dublin, Ireland.

Our role is help YOU plan smart, realistic strategies that will allow YOU to take control of YOUR financial future. Our business is all about YOU.

We will look at YOUR entire financial position, YOUR needs and what YOU want to achieve in life before helping YOU plan how to get there. Then we guide YOU through a simple step-by-step process to create a financial plan just for YOU.

1. UNDERSTANDING YOUR GOALS - At our first meeting we will discuss your current situation and life goals to understand how financial advice can benefit YOU.

2. CONSIDERING THE OPPORTUNITIES & RISKS - After understanding YOUR circumstances, goals and attitude to risk, we will investigate the range of financial options available to help YOU reach YOUR goals

3. BUILDING YOUR FINANCIAL STRATEGY - Based on discussions and research we'll present YOU with a customised financial plan that is written in plain English.

4. BRINGING YOUR PLANS TO LIFE - We will work closely with YOU to implement YOUR financial strategy step-by-step

5. STAYING ON TRACK WITH REGULAR ADVICE - Your strategies will be reviewed annually and YOU will benefit from our ongoing support and advice.


Jack is so much more than the narrow title 'Financial Advisor' suggests. He is interested in the totality of his client's - he is not selling a product,he works with you to formulate an investment strategy, a relationship with wealth and its consequences both good and bad.
Jack always pays excellent attention to detail with an excellent grasp of the particulars of any given situation , he is very committed, honest and upfront in his dealings with clients and other individuals in the Industry. Jack has a very fair and concientious approach to business dealings and is a patient listener and willing to take time to explain matters in a relaxed and calm manner which puts others at ease.
Jack has a fabulous understanding of his clients needs, seems to keep up to date with goings on / changes in circumstances and adjusts his advice accordingly.A great mix of Proactive and Reactive planning & organising - planning for his clients future while being able to reactively adjust when personal or other client changes hit.
“Jack Fitz is a model professional. He is honest and forthright at all times. He does not sell products to you, he profiles you, he listens to your needs and stress tests your needs back to you and then provides you with 360o information on your needs that allows you make qualified decisions”
“ Jack is an excellent communicator, with an ability to delve into an issue and come out with solutions to people’s finances, issues and create appropriate plans for their future. Also unique ability to listen and advice people on what is best for their life.  The ability to see beyond the norm is a great trait in his character”
 “What I can see as part of your unique ability is that I feel I have absolute confidence in you & that you would instill confidence in whoever you were dealing with.”

So, what's in it for you?

The security and peace of mind of knowing your money is safe and being well looked after.

Your own personal financial roadmap that will lead you to future financial freedom.

 An understanding of how changing your relationship with money can bring you increased wealth and prosperity.  


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